What we do

We inspire people to aspire to a good lifestyle and build up a community where everyone grows together and each person lives a life of value.

We build flourishing ecosystems by creating employment opportunities, offering educational aids and technical trainings to transition societies and break the cycle of crisis and vulnerability.


Women Empowerment

We have shed the shackles of slavery long ago; yet women in the developing world continue to be helpless victims of male supremacy. We may shout ourselves hoarse about constitutional equality between genders, but the bitter reality is that we shall have to go a long way before women will find an equal, safe and honorable place in the society.

“Father of Lights” is one of those few spirited souls who are putting in efforts to empower women by providing them education, job trainings and creating employment opportunities. 

Our shelters offer a safe haven for women to cultivate their skills within a spirited community of peers, with an opportunity to expand their understanding of the world, develop and express their own opinions, find their voice, discover career ambitions and ignite their inner spark.


Education for all

Education is pivotal in the pursuit of development and social transformation. The developing world continues to face complex barriers impeding children’s access to school and their basic right to education.

“Father of Lights” embraces a holistic approach to educating children by making schools as vibrant centers of community action and social development.

We strive to create a comprehensive school infrastructure to provide educational knowledge for better opportunities, to gain skills, access quality jobs, and reach their full potential.


Workforce Development

In rural regions, where populations are more dispersed and farther from major job centers, labor markets face different challenges than those in metro areas. “Father of Lights” provide support in existing and new businesses and developing infrastructure.

A greater focus is on young adult skill building and training through initiatives such as career-based education and apprenticeship programs for disconnected youth.

“Father of Lights” is also working on Telecommuting possibilities to diversify economies and create valuable opportunities for families to achieve incomes and careers they might not have otherwise.

Overcome Poverty

Millions of children across the world live in poverty, struggling through their formative years to survive in deplorable conditions. Poor and unhealthy living environment puts them at a higher risk of developing health problems, subjecting them to child labor or early marriage.

“Father of Lights” and its coalition partners put in collective efforts to render essential necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and clean drinking water to the children in rural communities, thereby giving every child a chance to build a brighter future.


Programs for Elderly

One of our organization’s main objective is the health and well-being of older people in struggling communities.

“Father of Lights” and its group of volunteers conduct several food and clothes distribution programs for the poor and elderly adults.

We also advocate for fair healthcare assistance programs for the aged and disabled senior population in the rural areas of Ghana, which lacks a vigorous healthcare infrastructure.