About Us

Who we are

“Father of Lights” is not just an organization, it is a movement mobilizing communities to thrive and reach their full potential – One that is global, diverse and affectionate.

We are a nonprofit organization motivated by the Love of God bringing a change in peoples’ lives, communities and the world around us. Our resources empower the underprivileged and under-represented families, so as to give hope to the ones who gave up and show them the true and unconditional love.

Fueled by the love of God, we bring hope, healing and help to the most vulnerable members of the society. Our work extends across the world promoting the virtues of love, joy, kindness, goodness and gentleness.

Our Vision

We thrive to be a positive force in the community, by vesting our services at the grassroot level to uplift the impoverished societies, harnessing their potential and directing the resources for the greater good of mankind.

Our Mission

“Father of Lights” envisages the establishment of a world where everyone in the society lives a holistic and healthy life!

Our Values


We strive to achieve the highest standards through honest communication, transparency, being accountable and always acting in the best interests of the cause.


Our actions are driven by our passion. We are compassionate and committed to going the extra mile to supporting families in extreme poverty


We value the relationships inside and outside of our organization and maximize our contribution through collaboration. We embrace the experience and knowledge of our diverse volunteers, supporters and colleagues.


We value people – all those we work with, who support us and who we, in turn, support with a professional and efficient service.


We are purpose-driven, successfully delivering the best outcomes for the cause and making the supporter experience as engaging as possible.